Archery Lessons

Archery was once one of the major forms of hunting and sport throughout the world. It was also the main form of combat before the discovery of guns. Today, it’s practiced as a competitive and recreational activity. To learn this timeless sport, you can take lessons at our archery shop.

At West Coast Archery Shop we are dedicated to providing exceptional services to anyone who joins one of our archery lessons, and we offer lessons for a variety of ages and skill levels. Shooting a bow and arrow is empowering and fun. We know that once you step foot on our archery range, you will be back for more bow lessons.

Archery Lessons

Learning traditional archery can be tricky, so don't try to go it alone. Let one of our experts show you what to do. We’ll even help you find the perfect archery supplies for you, and set you up to aim like a pro in no time.

We also have archery leagues for adults and children. Leagues are a fun way to hone your skills while enjoying some friendly competition. You can pay $12/shoot or for the entire league at a discounted price. Leagues are competitive but we encourage all levels of archers to join.

Lessons are in groups of 3-4 at $25 per lesson. For private lessons, classes are $50/lesson. Each class is an hour long with equipment rental included in the fee.

Call us today to learn more about our lessons and leagues at West Coast Archery Shop in Petaluma, CA. We’re sure you’ll have a great time!