Archery Range

Our archery range in Petaluma, CA offers a wide variety of quality services to sharpen your aim. When you come to our range to practice, we offer use of our range, bows, targets and other archery accessories for a rental fee, though you’re free to bring your own equipment.

Archery equipment has evolved over the years to become faster and more accurate. Like any other sport, in order to achieve your best performance, your equipment has to fit you properly. Our staff takes pride in getting you set up correctly so you can do your best.

Archery Range

Our archery shop is dedicated to sharing this fun and exhilarating hobby with our neighbors in Petaluma, CA. For this reason, we offer a use of our range for birthday parties, practice, and lessons. We want everyone to get a taste of how enjoyable archery is. Our archery lessons are designed to instruct students of all levels and we have both adult and children leagues that encourage comradery and sportsmanship amongst archers.

Standard rental fees for our archery range are $10/hr for lane use, $10/hr for equipment (recurve bow, arrows, arm guard and shooting glove). League membership and lessons are for additional fees.

For more information, visit our shop in Petaluma, CA. At West Coast Archery Shop, we will be more than happy to serve you.